Your Partner is Giving up on You If...

Maybe your partner is overwhelmed by other responsibilities or is depressed due to losing some loved ones. Therefore, they don't have enough energy to take responsibility for a relationship.

Here are the 10 signs that your partner is giving up on you

They avoid you

Attention is the first step of love that allows a relationship to grow. Once a person is unsatisfied with a relationship, they start avoiding you. 

They've stopped making an effort

A relationship is a mutual responsibility of both partners. Couples make plans and make critical decisions together.

They act broke

It takes a big heart to spend your money on someone else. In a relationship, they don't care about money but only happiness for each other. 

Rather than appreciating your efforts, Your partner keep telling you what they don't like in you and what you need to change.

They criticize you

Does your partner joke about leaving? It can be the actual feeling they are hiding from you as most people express the things going on in their minds under cover of jokes. 

They joke about leaving you

With your loved ones, you have a spark in you. You feel recharged by sharing details of your whole day with them.

They are frequently tired

Emotionally unavailable

You are emotionally attached to your partner in a relationship. Their pain and happiness become more important than yours. 

It is usual for partners to argue with each other. But if your partner keeps extending useless arguments, they are creating a scene to break up with you by blaming you. 

Your fights have changed

If you love someone, you care about even the more minor details and the things connected to them. 

They're careless with your stuff

They've stopped sharing their opinion

To last a relationship forever, both partners make many plans and decisions for their future endeavors. 

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