The future of Cryptocurrency, NFT and Blockchain according to 20+ Experts

The past year has seen multi-million dollar NFT sales, dogecoin drama, cryptocurrency price uncertainty, bitcoin-paid ransomware hackers, and concerns about the environmental impact of crypto mining.

Athan Slotkin, CEO Consultant, NFT maxi Says:

The fact that everyone was stuck at home and fully digital only intensified people's focus on digital development and specifically crypto and NFTs. 

Brianna Martyn, Blockchain Consultant Says:

Ethereum and NFTs have gone from buzzwords used by traders and technologists to digital assets known around the world.

Kathleen Breitman, Co-Founder, Tezos Says:

What is interesting about the growing popularity of NFTs in the cryptocurrency space is that they have managed to attract newcomers to the technology. 

Brian Mosoff, CEO, Ether Capital Says:

Before 2020, cryptocurrencies were largely driven by tech-savvy retail investors. Institutions and traditional investors have largely written off software or algorithmic monetary policy.

Colin Pape, Founder, Presearch Says:

Part of this societal shift is being driven by people who see Big Tech's far-reaching control over their digital and financial lives. 

Betsy Cooper, Aspen Institute Says:

The pandemic hasn't changed the trajectory of cryptocurrency as much as it has changed the trajectory of criminals.

Ian Khan, Futurist Says:

Elon Musk and others will continue to play on the emotions of an already stressed investor community desperate to recover from a global pandemic.

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