Leadership and Management

The difference between leadership and management is that leadership takes place at the individual level whereas management occurs at the organizational level.

6 differences between Leadership and Management


Leadership is a necessity, while management is a luxury. According to research, management is about the present and the here and now.


Leaders are responsible for the success and failure of their team and managers are not responsible for the consequences.


Leadership skills are character traits that allow you to inspire your team to achieve great things: empathy, inspiration, and communication skills.


Leadership and management are two different ways of going about things. One involves achieving a common, noble goal; the other is about getting things done. 


Leadership is about vision and direction, while management is about execution. Leadership inspires people to achieve a common goal. Management gets things done. 


The leader and manager have different visions. One of the most important differences between leadership and management is the ability to see things you don’t have.

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