8 Signs You Are Lying to Yourself

Lying to yourself is a controversial statement, also known as self-deception. According to a psychological point of view, individuals unconsciously lie to themselves. It increases their self-esteem. 

Notice your behavior

Sometimes we wear masks and don’t reflect our reality in front of people. In our fantasy, we pretend as relaxed, without jealousy and intimacy problems.


Every person has feelings about others making them uncomfortable. We expect a lot from others and lie to ourselves in the form of projection. 

Running away from actuality

You may have noticed that many times you get scared of things without any reason. It is all because you do not admit the actuality. 


After making a conscious effort to engage in undesirable behavior, you feel comfortable, convinced, and adjusted to the situation.

Focus your thoughts

As we know, thoughts are the reflections of realities. Assuming you are always correct while rejecting facts is a sign that you are lying to yourself. 

You should accept the certain change, blame, and take full responsibility. It creates a tendency to choose right and wrong.

Rigid attitude

Inauthentic feelings

Sometimes we lie to ourselves to get rid of any shameful condition. Because we think that if we don't do this, people would laugh at us. 

Our self-esteem measures our worth. Low self-esteem spoils our opinion about ourselves. An excuse-making personality makes things easier.

Lack of self-esteem

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