8 Reasons Why to Trust Khadi and Alkaram

Young girls always want to look effortlessly stunning. They want to look pretty, stylish, and beautiful in their outfits.

Khadi is a hand-spun and woven natural fiber fabric that was supported by Mahatma Gandhi as swadeshi (self-sufficiency) for the Indian subcontinent's liberation movement. 

About Khadi

With customers all around the world, Alkaram is a manufacturer and supplier of fine fabric for the home, industrial, and garment industries.

About Alkaram’s Outfits

8 Reasons Why to Trust Khadi and Alkaram's Outfits

The khadi and Alkaram cotton fabric are handwoven using cotton. It is a perfect choice for Indian climate conditions.

Cotton Fabric

Khadi and alkaram's outfits are made with the finest quality of raw material, sourced from around the world.

Silk Outfits

Fine quality wool is hand spun and hand woven to produce woolen khadi and alkaram’s fabric.

Woolen Fabric

Khadi and Alkaram are the answer to the sustainable clothing dilemma. Khadi and Alkaram aim to create new, innovative, high-quality products that support our environment.


Soothing for all Occasions

Khadi and Alkaram's outfits are very soothing for all occasions. They are very comfortable to wear in the summer and winter seasons. 

Easy to Wash

Khadi and Alkaram's outfits are very easy to wash. The most important part is that khadi and Alkaram's outfits are made of natural fibers.


Khadi and Alkarm's Outfits are durable enough to use for a long period. The fabric is soft, comfortable, and light.


Khadi and Alkaram's outfits are very affordable in terms of cost. Their products are made of cotton, which is a natural fiber that is dyed with plant-based dyes.

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