8 Proven Traits of a Genius

A genius is defined as someone who has exceptional intelligence or creative function more than other people have. Many great historical figures are portrayed as geniuses.

They are highly flexible

Research and experiments have proven that people who have extraordinary talent can adapt themselves to every situation very quickly.

They consider themselves not perfect

You better know that none of us is perfect, and we don't have a specialty in every field.

They have an insatiable curiosity

The habit of curiosity and openness to experience is a big sign of being a genius. Albert Einstein has repeatedly said, "I have no special abilities than others; I am only more curious."

They are open-minded

Intelligent people don't hesitate to face new ideas and opportunities. They encourage themselves to accept and deal with new people and new situations. 

They like their own company

Richard believes that highly intelligent people prefer to be very individualistic.

They have high self-control

It is the ability and talent of intelligent people who can defeat impulsiveness by planning, clarifying goals, and investigating different strategies.

They are funny

Advita Bihani has found out that highly intelligent people prefer to have a great sense of humor and fun with others, and scientists also agree with this perspective. 

When it comes to others' experiences, emotionally intelligent people try to learn more about them and take advantage of their experiences. 

Their sense of sensitivity is very active

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