8 Facts
about the Human Brain

The spinal cord and the brain make up the human nervous system, which is made up of the central nervous system. The cerebellum, brainstem, and cerebrum make up the brain.

The Brain Is Pain-Insensitive

The liver and the brain both lack pain receptors, which is a similarity between both (nociceptors).

Our Minds Talk a Lot

Why is meditation such a challenge? The average person has up to 70,000 thoughts every day because our brains have difficulties shutting down.

The male and female brains are different, yet equal

There are a few disparities between the size and cognitive abilities of male and female brains, according to imaging studies. 

The human brain is like a fingerprint

Although every brain appears the same to the untrained eye, no two persons have the same brain architecture.

MRIs can detect romantic feelings

The most potent energy in the universe, passionate love, can be detected by technology as it manifests in your brain. 

The prefrontal cortex, which doesn't fully develop until age 25, can be held partially responsible for some of a teen's poor decision-making. 

The 20s are when the brain peaks

When it comes to sleep, your brain is like an orchestra

It's a prevalent misperception that when we sleep, our minds are simply turned off. 

Your brain craves oxygen

The brain consumes a substantial amount of oxygen; it uses 20% of your body's oxygen, which is three times as much as your muscles do.

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