8 Advices for a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships require work, and if one or both of you haven't been putting in the necessary time and effort.

Relationships can be strengthened by individual healing

You can't pour from an empty vessel, as the saying goes. You should have felt the effects of your partner's disagreements and strife. 

Stop playing games in an unstable relationship

When a relationship is in trouble, people often create defenses to deal with the unpleasantness. 

Admit your errors to save a failing relationship

This is possibly the most difficult but most important step in the procedure. To mend a failing relationship, a couple must own their mistakes.

Your partnership may be saved from destruction by happy memories

Once upon a time, you two were madly in love with one another. That's what initially drew the two of you together. 

Be mindful of your language to maintain your relationship

Just because you wish to improve things doesn't guarantee that all of your issues and conflicts will be resolved immediately. 

People frequently lose control of their relationships because they neglect to take into account one important aspect of couple dynamics: negotiating. 

Learn how to negotiate

To save a rocky relationship, express gratitude

It's a sure sign that you can save a failing relationship if you still feel grateful for your partner amid all this stress and upheaval. 

The worst time to try to save a relationship is when he wants out. Or whenever she decides she wants to leave.

Make amends to restore a relationship you ruined by faults

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