7 Highly Effective Management Skills

The process of management is based on performing activities in a way that brings the best and maximum output and makes it easier for the organization to meet its goals.

7 Highly Effective Management Skills

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey is what might come to your mind once you read the title of this article. 

Promoting open communication and active listening

If employees feel that you as a manager are not communicating with them or they are unable to communicate with you, they cannot do their best.

Exchanging regular feedback

Providing feedback to the employees is mandatory but incomplete without receiving continuous and constructive feedback.

Providing growth opportunities

Being a person that encourages the learning environment in a workplace by sending a clear word for the growth of employees is what makes you an effective manager. 

Creating a supportive network

Highly effective managers have full encouragement and support for all of their employees.

Rewarding good work with recognition

Organizations with performance-driven environments often ignore the expression of gratitude towards employees.

Investing in employees' potential and talent through coaching and mentorship is another skill you need to be a highly effective manager.

Being a mentor

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