10 Interesting Facts about Eiffel Tower

Like everyone, you know about the Eiffel tower because of its association with couples and love. Moreover, this is the most famous place for proposals and marriages. 

Eiffel Tower Was the World's Tallest Structure

In 1889, it was the world's tallest human-made structure, as the tallest one before this was almost half of its height which was 986 feet.

Parisian artists petitioned

Now everyone considers the giant structure Eiffel as a symbol of love and romance. Still, it was not like that for 300 artists, painters, and architects.

The Tower Housed a Scientific Laboratory

It is pretty weird that in this huge structure, commercial-minded America engraved the names of 72 scientists.

The Current Design Was Not the Original Concept

The current design was never the first choice of Gustave Eiffel for this legendary Eiffel tower. 

Eiffel designed a well-furnished department for himself on the third floor. 

There Is a Secret Apartment on the Third Level

The Eiffel tower was built to tell the world about the industrial capabilities of France and to celebrate the French revolution at World Fair in 1889. 

It Was Only Meant To Stand For 20 Years

When they designed the tower, Eiffel wanted to keep it strong as nothing could tear it while managing to be lightweight. 

The Size of the Tower Changes with the Weather

The tower was made to celebrate the power of the French Revolution, but now it is the most famous to place proposals.

The Tower Has a Wife

Eiffel tower always follows trends by changing its color. In the past, it changed a lot of colors, and yellow was one of them. 

The Eiffel Tower Was Once Yellow

The Eiffel Tower Is Home To a Post Office

On the first floor, the Eiffel tower has a post office. Also, you can get the carte postal and stamps and mail your letters there.

Now you know these interesting facts about the Eiffel tower, if you want others to know, share it with them to increase their general knowledge.

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